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“Me gusta bailar, aunque hay veces que nada mas puedo bailar los ojos” –Francisco Daza

When asked why he celebrated Mother’s Day at The Senior Center, Francisco Daza, told The Unity Council’s staff, “Because I like dancing, even though sometimes, the only things that that seem to be able to dance are my eyes.”

Francisco Daza is one of the many Fruitvale seniors that celebrated Mother’s Day on Wednesday, May 10. The Mother’s Day celebration was filled with delicious food, raffle prizes, great music, and a drag queen show! Each mother and grandmother received a gift of appreciation, like Ferrero Roche chocolates, perfume, or roses.

Francisco Daza with one of the performers
Francisco Daza with one of the performers

Grandpas and grandmas danced like it was 1969 to cumbia and salsa classics after enjoying the sweet pink and white cake. At first, the seniors were a bit shy, but when the classic cumbia song La Parabolica started playing, canes and walkers were put aside, and age became just a number.

But the best part of the afternoon was seeing the seniors laugh and sing along with the drag queens; there is nothing better than old school music and colorful sequins to get people in high spirits.

Thank you to all staff that helped make this event possible. If you would like to volunteer at The Fruitvale-San Antonio Senior Center email,