Mission & Values

Seniors at Lunch

The Unity Council is a non-profit community development corporation committed to enriching the quality of life for Oakland residents, with a focus on the Fruitvale neighborhood. Our Mission is to help families and individuals build wealth and assets through comprehensive programs of sustainable economic, social, and neighborhood development.

We believe everyone should have the opportunities to find self-sufficiency and advancement, no matter their language, background, or neighborhood.

For over 50 years, we’ve been working towards our Mission through a three-pronged strategy that incorporates social, economic, and neighborhood development programs and services.

The Unity Council board and staff are working on redrafting our Mission and Values statement. Below is a word cloud that represents the many ideas, values, and dreams held by our community.

Unity Word Cloud

Social development programs offer opportunities for education, preservation of culture and language, and critical social services. We meet the needs of Oakland residents from the cradle to the walker, first through early childhood education and parental involvement programs, through culturally relevant youth and young adult programming, and finally through a network of low-income senior services and supportive housing. 

Economic development programs help individuals secure quality jobs, improve their understanding of personal budgeting and finance, and increase their personal savings. We help small business owners, job-seekers, and low-to-moderate income tax filers learn about how they can earn more, save more, and be economically self-sufficient. 

Neighborhood Development programs create attractive and vibrant communities filled with amenities that range from affordable housing, marketplaces and local businesses, to social services. Since the 1980’s, we’ve invested more than $300 Million in community development funds in the Fruitvale which have created dynamic, transit-oriented and walkable neighborhoods in which to live and work.