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Latino Men & Boys at SomaR

Over 50 people showed up to support the Latino Men & Boys program on Wednesday, June 15th, at SomaR Bar in downtown Oakland. Dozens of program partners, supporters, and Unity Council staff showed up, and patrons were able to buy rounds for family and friends knowing they were raising a glass for a good cause. SomaR Bar generously donated 15% of all bar tabs from 6pm – 8pm to our program, raising over $400 for the program in just a few hours. This money will go to offsetting the costs for summer field trips for the 300 young boys and men who are enrolled in the LMB program at 8 public middle schools and high schools throughout Oakland. Scattered across Oakland, the young boys and men are able to gain a sense of solidarity and unity during the summer months when they come together outside of their individual school cohorts.