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Governor Newsom came to The Unity Council today to make a big announcement. The State of California has a $75.7 Billion budget surplus, and Governor Newsom announced today that much of that surplus is going back into the communities that need it most, through his California Comeback Plan:  

  • $12 Billion will be redistributed through a tax rebate targeting low- and moderate-income families, helping 80% of tax filers. 
  • Provides 2/3 of Californians with a $600 check
  • Helps low-income Californians with 100% of back-rent & overdue utility bills. 
  • Largest statewide renter program in the U.S.! 
  • These benefits will be primarily redistributed through those that file their taxes, including immigrants using an ITIN.

This announcement was historic. And it was not by chance that he came to make this announcement at a community organization whose mission is to promote social equity. We have virtually been through a war this past year – Fruitvale had the most Covid-19 cases in all of Alameda County, and that is because Fruitvale is home to the essential workers who never stopped working. We know that the recovery will take years.

This California Comeback Plan stimulus package will strengthen all levels of our community, setting a foundation for an equitable recovery.

Let’s continue to strengthen the most vulnerable communities.

Watch the press conference on the link below!