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2021 is the year of partnerships. Earlier this month, our resident services and human resources teams worked hand-in-hand with La Clínica de la Raza to coordinate vaccination distribution for 194 seniors and 63 of The Unity Council’s essential workers.  The goal was to coordinate three mobile vaccine clinics on January 28th at each of the affordable housing apartment buildings for low-income seniors owned and managed by The Unity Council. Residents at Las Bougainvilleas, Casa Velasco, and Posada de Colores were able to make an appointment with the building’s Social Services Coordinators and simply take the elevator to go down to the multipurpose rooms to receive their vaccine. While La Clinica’s staff worked on getting vaccines into seniors’ arms, The Unity Council’s team helped seniors filled out the necessary paperwork.  

Maria Morales was the first senior to receive the vaccine at Las Bougainvilleas, when asked her opinion about the mobile clinics, she said, “this is a fabulous opportunity to get vaccinated right where I live. I wanted to get vaccinated right away to protect myself and others. It was so simple.”   

The Unity Council’s essential workers also benefited greatly from the mobile vaccine clinics; Head Start teachers, food distribution staff, and staff 65 and older walked to the mobile clinics during work hours to get the vaccine. While our essential staff continues to work hard to provide much-needed services to the communities we serve, our leadership will continue to make every effort to keep our essential heroes and sheroes safe.  

Abraham Rodriguez, Senior Property Maintenance Technician told his colleagues, “It doesn’t hurt, and it’s good for you and your family. You should get the shot!” 

Are you eligible for the vaccine but do not know where to go? Book your Covid-19 vaccine at the Coliseum!

Beginning Tuesday, 2/16, a new drive-through vaccination clinic will open at the Oakland Coliseum. These sites will be able to administer up to 6,000 vaccines a day. Eligible community members can call the state’s toll-free hotline at 1-833-422-4255 or click the link to book an appointment.