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The City of Oakland opened a second COVID-19 test site for workers and volunteers who continue to leave their homes to serve our community. Per CDC guidelines, in order to use this free testing service, individuals must be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath) or have had confirmed exposure to COVID-19.

The drive-thru site will serve those who work or volunteer in the following areas:

  • Healthcare providers, including all hospital, clinic or community health center workers
  • Grocery stores, restaurants and food banks
  • Homeless service providers, including shelter and outreach workers
  • Funeral home providers
  • Childcare facilities
  • Residential facilities and shelters for seniors, adults, and children
  • Delivery and transportation, including Gig workers

If your business falls into one of these sectors and you have not yet made arrangements for testing of your employees, please visit to learn more.

If you have had a confirmed COVID-19 case within your workforce and need to have other staff members tested, please also visit

The testing is free for businesses located in Alameda County, regardless of whether your employees have health insurance coverage.

Members of the public should not arrive at the site without a referral and confirmed appointment.

Read the press release here.