Two girls at HeadStart

Our early child-development play-based curriculum is designed to meet each family where it’s at on the path to school readiness and meeting each child’s full potential. We make every effort to speak with children and their parents in their home language, and we offer services in at least eight languages. Parents are fully engaged and part of their child’s success.

Depending on the needs of our families, location, and availability, we offer both Center-based and home-based care. Center-based programs take place at one of our seven locations in Oakland or Concord. Each Center offers a variety of schedules to meet family needs. Hours vary from part-day or full-day at the Center, according to parent’s needs and availability.

How to enroll:

Fill out an eligibility application in English or Español and our Family Advocates will contact you. If you have any questions call (510) 535-6102 or email

Requirements for Enrollment:

  1. Income Verification (Bring 3 or 4 recent pay stubs)
  2. Birth Certificate (Original)
  3. Immunization Record including TB Test for Child 1 yr. or older with results
  4. Health Insurance Card (Medi-Cal, Kaiser, Blue Cross, etc.)
  5. Two Proofs of Oakland Address

 We serve:

  • 0-4 years old
  • Eligible Low-Income Families
  • Children with any disabilities

 We provide:

  • A Multicultural/Multilingual Play-based Curriculum for children
  • Parent Education, Health, and Education Classes
  • Opportunities for Parent Leadership on Policy Committees
  • Career Development Referrals
  • Family Support and Disability Services
  • Services are for families that live in Oakland and Concord

Admission cannot be denied on the basis of Race, Religion, Disability or Birthplace.