Resilient Fruitvale

Just under a year ago the Fruitvale community was shaken by the terrible Ghost Ship fire tragedy that took the lives of 36 artists, musicians, and beloved community members. Our neighborhood came together, as we always do, and supported the residents and organizations that were impacted by this tragedy. As the one year anniversary of the fire approaches, and with disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and mass shootings devastating communities throughout the U.S. and world, a cohort of local and regional agencies has come together and formed the Resilient Fruitvale Initiative.

Resilient Fruitvale is a cross sector initiative that advances the resilience of the Fruitvale at the individual, organizational, and community levels. The goal is to streamline and strengthen access to resources and expertise for local leaders, so we can all do our part to protect our community, and its vulnerable residents, for years to come.

In September, an Executive Steering Committee comprising of agencies from the community, City, and surrounding region came together to craft a strategy for engaging local organizations and residents about the importance of this work and how to prioritize the right investments today so everyone can negotiate any disaster regardless of its size.

The Resilient Fruitvale Steering Committee meets monthly, and would love your involvement! Email us to be included in the next committee meeting!

On February 25th we launched the Resilient Fruitvale Action Plan at a Block Party and community celebration at Fruitvale Village. Visitors could learn more about each partners role in this work and the services they provide to the community, as well as learn what they should do in case of an emergency. You can sign up for our email newsletter to learn more and be in the loop on important preparedness updates.  

Read the Resilience Action Plan

List of participating agencies:

  • Center for Independent Living
  • City of Oakland
  • Centro Legal de la Raza
  • La Clinica de la Raza
  • NEN
  • Oakland City Council District 5
  • Oakland Fire Department
  • Oakland Warehouse Coalition
  • Oakland Com Org
  • Red Cross
  • Spanish Speaking Citizens’ Foundation
  • St. Jarlath
  • The Unity Council
  • West Coast Children’s Clinic