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Ralph Holmes
Ralph is currently a public finance banker at the firm Piper Sandler. He works with local agencies in the issuance of tax-exempt and taxable municipal debt for public projects. He returned to Piper Sandler in 2017 (he started his career there in 1998 and left in 2006) after working at several other firms. Ralph has more than 20 years’ experience working in the field of public finance, issuing literally billions of dollars in debt to finance a variety of public projects including city and county facilities, redevelopment projects, schools and other infrastructure.

Ralph currently lives in Oakland and appreciates the diversity of both culture and ideas the City has to offer. He has three daughters, two of which are adults, and a third that is a grade school-aged special needs person. He attended public schools in Berkeley, graduating from Berkeley High School in 1988. Ralph received his BA from UCLA in Latin American Studies in 1994 and his MBA from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of Management in 1996