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Oakland, CA – September 12th, 2023 – The Unity Council is excited to announce a dynamic collaboration with renowned local artist Jet Martinez to produce the official poster art for this year’s Oakland Día de los Muertos celebration. This partnership brings together the rich cultural heritage of Oakland and the vibrant artistic talent of Jet Martinez to commemorate and celebrate this important tradition. 

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a cherished Mexican holiday that honors and remembers loved ones who have passed away. It is celebrated with colorful ofrendas (altars), marigold flowers, sugar skulls, and intricately designed calacas (skeletons) and calaveras (skulls). The Oakland Día de los Muertos festival is a beloved community event that draws people from all backgrounds to celebrate this tradition with art, music, food, and cultural activities. 

Key highlights of this collaboration include: 

  • Unique Artistic Vision: Jet Martinez, a local artist known for his stunning murals and vibrant, intricate designs, will infuse his unique artistic vision into the official poster art. His work often draws inspiration from Mexican folk art, and his signature style is characterized by bold, colorful patterns and intricate details. 
  • Cultural Fusion: The Unity Council, a community development organization deeply rooted in the cultural diversity of Oakland, recognizes the importance of celebrating Día de los Muertos as a symbol of unity and cultural fusion. This partnership exemplifies the organization’s commitment to preserving and sharing cultural traditions. 
  • Limited-Edition Posters and Merchandise: The Unity Council and Jet Martinez will release limited-edition merchandise featuring the official artwork. These posters will be available for purchase, with proceeds supporting community initiatives and cultural programs. 

Chris Iglesias, CEO of The Unity Council, expressed her excitement about this collaboration, stating, “We are honored to partner with Jet Martinez, a visionary artist whose work speaks to the heart of Oakland’s vibrant culture. Together, we will create a Día de los Muertos poster that not only celebrates our heritage but also brings our community closer together.” 

This partnership between The Unity Council and Jet Martinez represents a powerful union of art, culture, and community. The official poster art will serve as a visual representation of Oakland’s rich cultural tapestry and the enduring spirit of Día de los Muertos. 

About The Unity Council 

The Unity Council is a non-profit community development organization committed to promoting social equity and improving the quality of life for diverse communities in Oakland and the Greater East Bay. Since its inception in 1964, The Unity Council has provided vital services, including affordable housing, workforce development, and health and wellness programs, to empower residents and strengthen neighborhoods. 


About Jet Martinez 

Jet Martinez is a Bay Area-based artist known for his distinctive style that combines Mexican folk art and contemporary street art. His work can be seen in murals, galleries, and public spaces around the world. Jet is celebrated for his intricate and colorful patterns that capture the essence of cultural diversity and vibrancy. 


For media inquiries or further information, please contact: 

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