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When we first met Montana in 2017, he wasn’t satisfied with the direction in which his career was going. The Oakland resident longed for stability and a better-earning wage to support his family, including his then-one-year-old son. He wanted a career change – he wanted to pursue a career in the truck driving industry.  

Montana learned about The Unity Council from a family member who had earned a truck driving certificate through a job training program in partnership with Michael’s Transportation and the Academy of Truck Driving. He had no truck driving experience, but when he heard how his family member was able to dramatically increase his salary while being paid to obtain his certificate, he immediately reached out to The Unity Council.  

Montana was soon connected with Cindy Hay, Career and Financial Coach and he began to receive supportive resources during his tenure in the program, including a Clipper Card so he can attend the classes. Montana said the greatest support received was Hay’s emotional support and encouragement. 

“I was excited but I honestly didn’t know if I could do it,” said Montana. “Between Cindy and my friends and family, it motivated me to keep going.” 

Montana was not only able to complete the program, but he also developed new confidence as a provider for his family. Four years later, Montana works at the Port of Oakland as a truck driver and has achieved financial stability.   

“My friends and family often share with me that I finally have my life together,” said Montana. “I never thought this program was going to change my life in the way it did. I share with everyone about the great work of The Unity Council and tell them, ‘If I can do it, then anyone can.’” 

Today, both Montana and his fiancé regularly check in with Hay and view her as an extension of their family.  He has also referred his friends and family members to his Career and Financial Coach as they were inspired to pursue a career in trucking as well.  

“I got more than I asked for from this program,” said Montana. “From 1 to 100, I would give it 1,000. The services I received were life-changing.”