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The Unity Council’s Department of Children and Family Services is sponsoring eligible participants for Chabot College’s Early Childhood Education classes. This program not only helps students prepare for future courses taught in English but also enables them to acquire the skills necessary to enter a career in Early Childhood Education.

Please fill out the survey below so we can learn more about you and see if you qualify for financial support!

* While we want to support everyone’s educational journey, we can only provide financial support for those who are eligible.


  • This program has become a community where participating students have the support and guidance to be successful in their courses.
  • Many of the students graduate from the program to further advance their degrees or careers in Early Childhood Development.
  • Courses are in Spanish and offered on Saturdays at Chabot College in Hayward.
  • This program offers 1 course per semester. 4 courses are required to complete this 2-year program that will qualify you as an entry-level Early Childhood Education teacher.
  • To continue in this career, an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Child Development or the equivalent course work (24 courses + 16 general education courses) is required. You must be eligible to participate.

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