Reflecting & Rejoicing Celebrating 60 Years of Impact »

Every year, the Annual Dia de los Muertos Festival elevates the stories, history, and traditions of Oakland’s diverse Latino community, at a time when many neighborhoods throughout the East Bay are rapidly losing their diversity.   This year, we paid homage to Los Ausentes, those who are no longer with us, whether they are loved ones who have passed away, or members of this very community who have been displaced due to deportation, gentrification, or incarceration. Through the efforts of this annual event, with your support, we can keep the cultura of Fruitvale thriving for 100,000 people to enjoy, from world-class art, entertainment, food, and much more. The Unity Council is grateful that all of you were able to make Oakland’s largest Latino cultural event successful for artists, residents, small businesses, and families and keep the Dia de los Muertos Festival free, authentic, and community-driven!

Special thanks to The Unity Council’s team that leads all the organizing efforts, our amazing volunteers, the business owners on International Boulevard, and our generous sponsors and donors. This event will not be possible without you. 

Photos by Jayashima Nuggehalli, Jojet Ortega, and Itzel Diaz.