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The Youth Leadership program is a new initiative focused on empowering youth, ages of 14 to 20, through a socially conscious training on Oakland and Bay Area issues for those that are currently or were previously enrolled in other Unity Council youth programs.

An average of 15 youth will critically analyze social issues affecting their communities and make connections to their own lived experiences.  They will be introduced to community organizers and other leaders striving to achieve change in their communities. Through the program, we will encourage and prepare participants to join The Unity Council’s Youth Advisory Committee or other leadership opportunities to voice their opinions to decision makers in Oakland and across the Bay Area. The 12-workshop training will cover issues like racism, community violence, communication, immigration, gentrification and displacement, and sexual harassment.

Become Our Partner! We want to partner with community organizations who are advocating on Bay Area issues like gentrification, gang and gun violence, and immigration. Specifically, we would like support on teaching these subjects in our training and in engaging our youth in meaningful conversations. We think youth learning directly from community advocates that are affecting change will be the most powerful way for them to feel empowered and voice their opinions about social issues affecting them and their communities.

If you are interested in partnering with the Youth Leadership program contact Jessica Peregrina, Career Exploration Specialist at or call 510 535 1542.