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On June 12, approximately 60 Fruitvale seniors attended an informational session on how to plan for future care at the Fruitvale-San Antonio Senior Center, hosted by Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan.

Local senior serving agencies provided information on important end of life topics to help seniors prepare for a secure future. Some of the topics discussed at the session included: arranging healthcare orders, preparing legal documents such as wills and trusts, and navigating hospice and skilled nursing.

Oakland seniors that were interested in any of the services discussed in the session were able to receive help filling out enrollment forms before leaving the facility. Services and programs like these provide critical support to some of the area’s most vulnerable residents. Ofelia Salas de Camacho, a senior and Fruitvale resident, says,

“It is important that we know what services are available to us. Sometimes we do not take advantage because we do not know or because we need help filling out the paperwork.”

The collaboration between Wilma Chan’s office and the Fruitvale-San Antonio Senior Center staff serves to expand the social support services offered by the center. Currently, the social support services include case management (referrals, public benefits screening, food assistance, and housing), citizenship preparation in Spanish and Khmer, translation and form completion services, and food bags.

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