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Out of the seven Head Start sites The Unity Council manages, Thurgood Marshall is by far the most culturally diverse site. Families from Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America are enrolled at this site.

For the past ten years, Thurgood Marshall Head Start has celebrated an Annual Multicultural Day, with the families enrolled in the program. Every year, families share food and drinks from their countries and create a mini-exhibit to represent their culture.

This year the cultures represented at the event included Algeria, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ethiopia, French Creole, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Somalia, and Yemen.

Elizabeth Crocker, The Unity Council’s Vice President of Children and Family Services, says what she enjoys the most about the Annual Multicultural Day is, “The warmth, connection, and pride between families and staff in our community.”

The Annual Multicultural Day is organized by Head Start’s Site Director, Kedija Ahmed. Kedija started the event ten years ago as a way to develop an inclusive and safe environment for all the families that receive services at the site.