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This past Saturday, November 18th, 200 parents and children from our Head Start & Early Head Start program were part of an exclusive screening of the Disney-Pixar’s movie “Coco” at the Regal Jack London movie theater. The exclusive and completely free screening was part of Disney-Pixar’s sponsorship for the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival; they wanted to extend their sponsorship gift and give some of the low-income families we serve an early holiday present.

In the movie theater lobby, the excitement was building up among the children and families as they waited to go inside the theater to watch the most expected children’s movie of the year. A Head Start dad told The Unity Council’s staff, “I am really thankful and excited to watch the movie; my kids have been telling me to bring them to watch this movie for weeks.”

During the screening, you could hear lots of laughter and even a child that said,

“Mira mami, Mira (look, mom, look). It looks like my grandma,” when the main character’s grandma first appeared on the screen.

But the best part of the day was seeing people walk out of the theater with huge smiles. Many parents of our Head Start parents could not stop talking about how much the movie reminded them of their childhood in Mexico. The whole experience was a true delight.