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Veggies by Shane S, Yelp

Twelve years ago it was tough to find local, fresh, organic vegetables around Fruitvale. There were many small corner markets and a few grocery stores, but they barely provided the fruits and vegetables the community needed. The lack of access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables was causing major health problems among low-income households and seniors in Fruitvale.

Tiffany Wright, The Unity Council’s Senior Property Manager, has coordinated the Fruitvale Farmer’s Market since it started in 2005. Tiffany explained that The Unity Council in collaboration with Fresh Approach, La Clinica de la Raza, and the Native American Health Center, got together with one primary goal: “get fruits and vegetables to low-income families.” Tiffany works and lives in the Fruitvale and considers the Fruitvale Farmer’s Market of great importance for the community,

“As a resident and a diabetic, it feels good to know that I can shop close to home to get my organic fruits and vegetables.”

The Fruitvale Farmer’s Market ultimate goal can be summarized with one word: access. It is accessible through public transportation and accepts WIC and EBT. Low-income families and seniors can afford to purchase their fresh, local, and organic produce at the market. This is especially important considering that De Colores Head Start and Early Head Start, the San Antonio-Fruitvale Senior Center, and Bougainvilleas Low-Income Senior Housing are walking distance from the market. The Fruitvale Farmer’s Market is the only state certified farmer’s market in Fruitvale, which means that all products must be organic and local. Thousands of people all over Oakland visit the Farmer’s Market every year.

Next time you need to go grocery shopping stop by the Fruitvale Farmer’s Market!

Visit the Fruitvale Farmer’s Market every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at the Fruitvale Transit Village! Conveniently located near BART and multiple AC Transit lines, The Fruitvale Farmer’s Market brings fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables from local producers to the neighborhood. Other vendors sell prepared foods like roasted almonds or candy, or merchandize and music.