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Taxpayers with ITINs set to expire — or that have expired — should take action now to avoid issues with their 2019 tax filing and help ensure a smooth renewal process.

If you plan on filing taxes for 2019, and you need to renew your ITIN, the IRS recommends that you file a form W-7.

What do you need to renew your ITIN number?

  • Form W-7
  • Original identification documents or certified copies of the issuing agency and any other required attachments.
  • Select the reason for needing the ITIN as outlined in the Form W-7 and W-7(SP) instructions.

A tax return is not required with an early renewal application. Find more information in the ITIN Expiration Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information on ITIN renewal, and to find out if you need to renew yours, please visit the ITIN page on the IRS website.

NOTE: At this time we are not a certified acceptance agency for ITINs. The closest acceptance agency is Lao Family Community.