Kelly  Dorman
Kelly has been working with marginalized populations in both community based and residential programs for the last 6 years. Prior to joining PSC, she was the Program Manager for Cherry Hill Sobering, overseeing the 50-bed facility assisting those in need of immediate sobering services. Kelly also worked at Telecare CHANGES in East Oakland providing community-based supported employment placement and retention services to consumers with severe mental health and substance abuse disorders.

As Operations Manager at PSC, Kelly is responsible for overseeing the daily operations to ensure the program is running efficiently and effectively. She is dedicated to PSC’s mission to provide adults looking for second chance who also have employment barriers the necessary job readiness skills and resources to transition into a traditional workplace position to be self-supporting and confident.

Kelly holds a BS in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oregon State University and is currently working on obtaining a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor credential.