Erin Patch
Erin Patch is a passionate and strategy oriented leader who has dedicated her career to developing and implementing solutions to social justice issues. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of The Unity Council (TUC), Patch has made it a priority to increase staff development and programs sustainability. Patch’s ultimate goal is to strengthen the organization so that it can better serve future generations in Oakland and the East Bay.

Patch is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization’s 300 dedicated staff and $20 million annual budget, providing holistic support services to over 8,000 individuals and families, including high-quality early education, pioneering youth programming, robust senior citizen services and financial and career empowerment.

Over the last five years, Patch’s strategic direction has contributed to the organization’s financial growth, including a reinvigoration of the business model and real estate portfolio. She has been instrumental in:

• Identifying new revenue streams and growth opportunities for the organization.
• Ensuring cost-effective program implementation and seamless program integration.
• Overseeing sustainability measures for all assigned programs.
• Increasing staff engagement and productivity within the organization.
• And most recently developing a five-year strategic plan for the organization.

Patch has lived in Oakland for the past 20 years and is committed to having an impact in the city she calls home. Patch is a recognized leader with a longstanding career in the Bay Area. She started her career in affordable housing 15 years ago at Affordable Housing Associates in Berkeley. Patch is also the co-founder of a nonprofit that seeks to make assistive robotic technology widely available.

Patch holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, City Planning from San Francisco State University where she was the Assistant of the Chair of Urban Studies Department and co-authored SFSU Environmental Audit.