Fruitvale Village Phase II-B (Planned)

Fruitvale Village Phase II-B is the continuation of the Unity Council’s community-focused development plan for the Fruitvale. This plan will bring new residents to the Village and foster 24-hour, 7-day vibrancy and sense of community that will further strengthen the commercial and retail components located in the Village retail plaza. The guiding principles for the Phase II-B development are to provide mixed-income residences, to incorporate state of the art green building & energy savings systems, and that it be an award-winning architectural product.

Fruitvale Village Phase II consists of two stages:

  1. Casa Arabella (Phase II-A) and consists of 94 affordable units, as multi-family townhomes, apartments, and studios.
  2. Phase II-B is planned for 181 units. This totals to an additional 275 clean, comfortable, and affordable apartments within steps of a bustling transit stop and embedded into an amenity-rich neighborhood.


1198 35th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601