Oakland Youth Engaged

Oakland Youth Engaged (OYE!) is a free career exploration and work readiness program for youth. The program is open to Oakland youth between the ages of 14-20 years old. We gladly accept undocumented youth, foster youth, probation youth and others.

OYE develops young people’s employment skills, leadership, and self-confidence through workshops, community service opportunities, and hands-on work experiences. OYE is divided into two phases: a workshop phase, and a career exploration phase.

Interested in Joining OYE? Check back in the Fall for a new cohort application.

Workshop phase
Through the course of six weeks, students cover a variety of topics in a classroom setting at the Community Resource Center including communication styles, resume building, mock interviews, college exploration and more. Workshops are used as a time for students to practice interacting in a professional manner while also building relationships with other youth and adults from their community.

Career Exploration phase
We place youth in participating businesses and organizations for hands-on skill-building experiences. Upon successfully completing the workshop phase, students will be placed for two months in a local Oakland business or organization. Students are placed with businesses and organizations based on a combination of availability, scheduling, and interests.

Why join OYE?
If you’re looking to start the path towards your dream job, are building a competitive college application, or just want to start gaining skills for the workplace, you should join us!

Benefits of the OYE program include:

  • Building your resume and mock job interviews
  • Earn up to $600 for participation in both phases of OYE
  • Gain letters of recommendation for future jobs and college application
  • College application help


  • 14-20 years old
  • Oakland Resident
  • Photo ID or School ID

Please email jperegrina@unitycouncil.org for more information.


Jessica Peregrina, Career Exploration Specialist

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