Latino Men & Boys

The Latino Men and Boys Program is a school-based, culturally-rooted program located in 9 schools in the Oakland Unified School District. The LMB program works with young men (ages 12-20) and their families to improve outcomes in health, education, behavior, family interaction, and career planning. Our program aims to reach young men and boys to help them choose and stay on a positive path in life. The LMB program significantly increases graduation rates for Latino males in Oakland schools and promotes healthy lifestyles, academic focus and leadership development.

In direct collaboration with their school-based health centers and using culturally responsive approaches and positive male role models, the program provides a range of services and activities in critical areas of academic support, mentoring, health and wellness programs, and career development. Key to our program’s success is the use of a “healing informed approach” focused on helping boys and young men overcome the personal and community trauma related to the social conditions in which they live.

Since 2010, we have partnered with Oakland schools to host a cohort of 20-25 students daily using the Joven Noble Curriculum and we are now in 8 middle schools and high schools in Oakland:

  • United for Success Academy
  • Bret Harte Middle School
  • Roosevelt Middle School
  • Elmhurst United Middle School
  • Frick Impact Academy
  • Skyline High School
  • Fremont High School
  • Oakland High School

Ready to join the Joven Noble? If you attend one of the schools listed, ask for the Latino Men & Boys Mentor at your school.

Learn more! Read “Serving Latino Men and Boys through an Innovative School-Based Program,” a report by The Center for Healthy Schools & Communities.


Erik Vargas, Latinx Achievement Manager
510 535 6951

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