Fruitvale Village

Fruitvale Transit Village Overview & History

The Fruitvale Village is a successful national model for livable communities created by the Unity Council in the early 1990s.  Located in the heart of the vibrant Fruitvale neighborhood, Fruitvale Village is a mixed-use development that includes prime retail spaces, offices, and apartments. Fruitvale Village is adjacent to the Fruitvale BART station, the East Bay’s 4th busiest station and 9th most widely traveled station in BART’s 31 station system, and a bustling AC Transit hub, making the property an internationally renowned transit oriented development property, or TOD. Our wide pedestrian plazas running through the Village are host to weekly farmer’s markets, and event spaces, and are a great place to sit and enjoy the sun. Fruitvale Village is also adjacent to the bustling Fruitvale commercial district that has experienced a dramatic transformation over the past 10 years, thanks especially to creating a Business Improvement District (read more about our BID at their page).

Fruitvale Village is a “mixed-use” development, meaning that the space is used by Office, Retail and Residential tenants. The ground floor of Fruitvale Village is home to locally-owned Retail spaces. The second floor offers Office spaces for important community resources and organizations. Finally, 47  one- and two-bedroom apartments offer Housing on the third floor. Visitors to Fruitvale Village can often accomplish all or most of their needs in a single trip, from locally owned businesses, and from agencies that have a stake in this community.

Fruitvale Village Phase II is the continuation of the Unity Council’s revitalization plan for the Fruitvale. This plan will bring new residents and homeowners to the Village and foster 24-hour, 7-day vibrancy and sense of community that will further strengthen the commercial and retail components located at the Village retail plaza. The guiding principles for the Phase II development are to provide mixed-income residences, to incorporate state of the art green building & energy savings systems, and that it be an award winning architectural product.

To read more about the history of Fruitvale Village, please read this excellent case study by the Rudy Bruner Foundation. In 2005 Fruitvale Village was a Silver Medal recipient of the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence, an honor bestowed to excellent urban revitalization projects nationwide. Read the full Fruitvale Village case study here.

For general inquiries about Fruitvale Village, contact:

Tiffany Wright, Property Manager, Fruitvale Development Corporation
3340 E. 12th Street, Suite 1
Oakland, CA 94601
Telephone: 510-535-7178
Fax: 510-535-0774